jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Baños and Mindo

     Sorry for the lack of blogging once again. I had a crazy time trying to finish all my projects, plan my trip to the Galapagos (which fell through), and just experience Ecuador.
     Anyways, back towards the end of March, my friends and I went to Mindo. It is such an amazing place!! The first thing we did was go canopying, which is zip-lining over the trees. It was incredible. With the guides' help you could even go on the line upside down or like Superman. I went upside down a couple times. It was really cool. Then, we went to this butterfly enclosure and it was so cool to see all the different colored butterflies. However, it was also very sad, because while we were there, a butterfly was dying because someone had it land on their hands while they had bug repellent on. =( I  went to Mass on Sunday as well in Mindo. The church was so small and start about half an hour late, but it was ok. The last thing we did was go tubing on the river. Tubing is kinda like rafting except you are just on a bunch of tubes roped together, holding on  for your life. At least, that is how my friends and I felt, especially since we went on the river while it was much higher than usual, making for one crazy ride.
     During the first weekend in April, my same group of friend and I went to Baños. This place is very similar to what you can do in Mindo, except it is a slightly larger city (I prefer Mindo to Baños any day because of the more natural feel). Anyways, we didn't do as much in Baños but we did take a tour bus to see all the different waterfalls. That was just absolutely breathtaking. Eventually, we broke away from the tour bus, and decided to stay and swim in one of the pools at the  base of a waterfall. Well, more like sit on rocks and enjoy the view and the cold water, due to the power of the water that streamed away from the waterfall. Either way, it was a very peaceful, relaxing weekend. Both those weekends were.
     Not much exciting since those two trips has occurred. I just have been working on school work, going to the movies, and I did go to a soccer game (the atmosphere is so intense). I did just remember I made a few smaller day trips, but I might sum those up in another entry. Right now, I have to get going to pack for my trip. Just because my Galapagos trip fell through, doesn't mean I couldn't take my finals earlier and go somewhere else right? =P So, on the agenda,  starting today: Cuenca, Montañita (a beach here in Ecuador; also kind of a crazy, party, little town), Puerto López, Isla de la Plata (Poor Man's Galapagos; that is the nickname not the actual translation), and Papallacta (thermal hot springs). I will be kept busy right up until I leave the country, but I wouldn't have it any other way. =)

Anyways, I must get going for now. Next blog will recap this adventure and another entry will cover interesting things about Ecuador. I decided also, that since this blog is not just about Ecuador, but is titled Kristin's Chronicles, why not keep it going after I leave and describe what it is like to have a science internship and what it is like to go to an awesome university on the beach? Let me know what you guys think....but for now, chao!!!

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