miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Random Facts About Me

So I started this list before the recent craze of posting random facts in Facebook statuses but I just finally finished it. So I thought I would post a longer list here. Hope you enjoy! =D 

1)   I have my ear lobes pierced, 2 other ear piercings, and am planning on getting at least 2 more done.
2)    I may seem nice and sweet, but that clearly means you haven’t gotten on my bad side. :P But no, for the most part, I am really nice.  
3)    If I could eat bacon for every meal of my life, I would. Too bad my arteries don’t allow for that.
4)    If I lived in a fantasy novel, I would want to be an elven mage who specializes in archery. I would also like to be a Dragon Rider. (Just a bit obsessed with the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini)
5)    I used to be terrified of roller coasters when I was 10. You couldn’t get me to go on any of them.
6)    I played a ton of sports as a kid. I played softball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball (only for one year. I was terrible!!) .
7)    When I was little, my dream was to get my Gold Award for Girl Scouts. But I stopped Girl Scouts in 8th grade so that never happened.
8)    I absolutely love snakes and would like to own a ball python as a pet.
9)    I drink a ton of milk. I usually drink a gallon a week. And that is because I start to limit myself after I drink half the gallon in one night.
10)  I love dyeing my hair black and will use any excuse to dye it that color. Halloween costumes seem to be the best excuse though.  
11)  My favorite animal is the wolf.
12)   I have a lot of movies that I like but I would have to say my favorite is Pan’s Labyrinth.
13)   I like more types of vegetables than I do types of fruit.
14)   I am not a big frosting person and prefer my cake lightly frosted or even better, without frosting.
15)   I do not like seafood.
16)   I don’t usually spend a lot when I go shopping unless I go into Bath and Body Works when they are having a sale….my one weakness. I probably could start a mini store with how many of their products I own.
17)   I have had some of my own encounters with the paranormal which fuels a curiosity about it.
18)   I do not like romantic/romantic comedy movies. But I myself am a hopeless romantic.
19)   I do not like the taste of mint, spearmint, or peppermint. Cinnamon candies and stuff is also not my favorite.
20)    I am not a big candy eater. I buy it, but I barely eat any. My little siblings would eat all my Halloween candy before I even had a chance to eat more than 5 pieces.
21)   I LOVE French fries. I order them 9 times out of 10 as a side for my food at restaurants.
22)   I love spicy food. My tolerance for spicy food has gotten higher since I have been in college.
23)   I really enjoy snow which makes it sad that my career requires me to be on the coast. Maybe I should become a marine biologist and move to Alaska. :P
24)   I am a somewhat shy person, but I am working on being more outgoing and I seem to be having quite a bit of success with that.

25)   The experience that changed my life the most was studying abroad in Ecuador. It helped me understand who I was as a person, helped me step outside of my comfort zone, allowed me to experience a new culture, and see a beautiful country. It also helped me realize one of my childhood dreams of visiting the rainforest, a dream that I never thought would happen. 

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