lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

And so begins my third week....

    Let us see....what can I write about in this entry...Not much happened this past week that was extremely interesting so this blog entry will be quite random.
    Last week was my first full week of classes. Anything that could go wrong seemed to during that period. Between my camera not cooperating, my Spanish homework access code not working, and just the general stress about the first week, it proved to be quite a trying time. Things are much better now and I look forward to the rest of the semester (as long as my camera behaves. =P)
    So, I have found a new thing that I love....and that is stuff with mangoes. I absolutely love mango juice. Did I mention that pretty much any juice you get here is fresh? My host mom makes fresh juice almost everyday. However, my absolute favorite thing is mango ice cream. =) It is so delicious. There is this little ice cream/cafe place near my campus and the ice cream there tastes so fresh. Today, I had extremely delicious strawberry ice cream. Even though I love the mango flavor, I think my goal is to try almost every flavor they have. (I say almost because I know there are some flavors that I won't like...but maybe I should still try them.)
     Another interesting note is that soda sizes here are much smaller. The largest soda you can get anywhere (if it is even available) is a 22 oz. That is a medium back in the United States. It is an interesting point that I noticed.
     Today marks the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the dragon. Surprisingly, it is a big deal at USFQ (my university here). It turns out that they opened the university in 1988, a previous year of the dragon. The logo of the school incorporates a dragon as well and our school, surprisingly, has a bit of an Asian theme to it. Anyways, they had a huge celebration today outside of one of the buildings. I didn't get to attend the whole thing since I was in class and by the time I got out, I just wanted to go home. However, the way the school is built, we could still hear the festivities while sitting in our classroom. There was a local band that played which was really cool. They also sounded really good. The one thing I am sad that I missed though was the free cake and wine. That should have been a good enough excuse to end class early...just kidding. =P

    Well, I think that is all for now. I will post another entry if I feel I have more stories to tell. Chao!!!!

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