miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Random First Thoughts

      Well, I guess it is time to start my blog since I have been here for almost a week now. =P So let's see, first off, a brief statement about Quito. It is at 9000ft above sea level and it pretty much rains everyday (at least since I have been here) and that the driving here is crazy and chaotic (not to mention that it is hard to cross the street because, up until a few years ago, pedestrians did not have the right of way. So most of the time, you still won't get it.). Yeah I know super brief but if I think of more things I can add them later.
     Anyways, since arriving here I have learned how to take the bus to school, walked uphill to church (and I really mean walking up hill; you have no idea), tried new food, including mango juice which is quite yummy, and that is mainly it. Now for the random stuff......My college is so beautiful. For all my Wilmington friends, if you that UNCW was pretty, I think here is much better. But that could be just my opinion. I also got to see a very cute hummingbird today. I love birds....what can I say? =P And it was blue and greenish so it was really pretty and my friend and I got pretty close to it.
     A final note, back to the whole transportation thing, I don't think anything can be crazier than some of the buses in Ecuador. The first and last bus I have to take each day to school (which is basically the same route) can often be crowded with tons of people. I am not exaggerating when I say that often times, you feel like a sardine. Because no matter how full the bus is, there always seems to be a way for more people to fit on it. That is how I missed my bus stop on Monday afternoon after Orientation. =P Well, I think that is all for now. I will write more when I have new stories to tell.

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